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Realizzazione di farmaci generici


We have been working in the pharmaceutical field since 1980, and we have been developing generic medicines for more than 15 years now, taking care of the whole procedure – from the API supply to the distribution of the dossiers throughout Europe.
Studi di bioequivalenza


We follow our customers step-by-step. We rely on the best clinics for bioequivalence researches and provide Due Diligence reviews, together with our expertise in technical, legal and scientific revisions and translations, following the latest European Directives.


Brunifarma has completely developed, together with high-level partners, after long years of studies and researches, this formulation – thus being the first company introducing the nitroglycerine band aid in the European generic drugs market.


Project Brunifarma selects and develops excellent dossiers with the best bioequivalence, and is recognized for being the first company introducing various important products in the Italian generic market – beating other foreign, multinational companies – such as Benzodiazepine and Citalopram Drops.


Products A list of all available dossiers at Brunifarma. You can check our pending applications, or works that are ready to be submitted or approved. We periodically update the list in order to provide fresh and detailed information.


Nitropatch A detailed brochure with all the information needed to get to know Nitropatch, the nitroglycerin band aid that Brunifarma developed introduced in the European generic drugs market: from the active ingredient to the applications and utilization of this brand new product.