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Our Company

Our company is active in the selection, development, and creation of dossiers, and provides services in the field of generic pharmaceutical products.

We support our clients through the complete procedural route, from the selection of the active principle, to laboratory development and certification of bioequivalence, to marketing the drug.

We are experts in the current standards and specialists in publishing the official documentation necessary for the certification and marketing of products.


1980: Farmaceutici Bruni s.n.c. was founded and provided pharmaceutical distribution services using a network of more than 70 agents in Italy.
1994: Brunifarma s.r.l. was founded and used the expertise of Farmaceutici Bruni s.n.c. to specialise in the development of dossiers and pharmaceutical consultancy.
2006: MS Farma s.r.l. joined Brunifarma to provide further competences in the field of Regulatory Affairs and pharmaceutical problem-solving.
2007: The new site Brunifarma.com goes live to provide 24 hour contact with clients.